Public Venues

Public Venues

Crowd pleasing information, offers & interactions in public spaces

With thousands of people streaming through stadiums, concert halls, airports, malls, large medical centers and other public spaces at any given time, digital signage effectively communicates in compelling ways with visitors and guests.

X-Factor's dmcp:// digital media control platform and software-based products and services, support a wide range of applications - from streaming advertisements to providing interactive wayfinding information.

X-Factor's platform supports any number of end-points, from a single display to thousands of signs, each with their own purpose, location and IP address.

We make it easy for managers to publish information, alerts and ads in real-time, making it possible to adapt the creative based on the event, trends and timing, keeping pace with change, while eliminating expensive, labor-intensive and ecologically wasteful paper signs.

Utilize wayfinding to easily direct visitors. Generate new revenues by selling ad space which can be changed in minutes after a specific event has passed. Immediately share public safety announcements in the event of natural disasters or other threats.

Digital interactive network solutions from X-Factor can:

  • Share live and on-demand video
  • Distribute location-specific ads - for your own upcoming events and services, or for third-parties generating new revenues for your organization
  • Make the consumer experience easier, more convenient and more fun
  • Promote local businesses - restaurants, shops and services
  • Provide show times & schedules
  • Sell tickets
  • Print tickets and coupons (interactive kiosks)

The creativity is limitless, as X-Factor's market leading digital signage product, dscp:// along with Storefront support the range of applications, from simple, dynamic and automated digital signage to more sophisticated functions including eCommerce and mobile synchronized campaigns.