About XFactor

About X-Factor Communications

X-Factor is a premium provider of easy-to-use, interactive digital media software and services delivering single point publishing of Mass Notifications, advisories, emergency messages, alerts, rich informational content and advertising to any IP connected device. The company helps its customers enhance communication, through effective dissemination of "any content", to "any device", "anywhere".

Powerful Content Creation, Management & Distribution Platform

X-Factor’s easy-to-use flagship application, Digital Screen Control Portal (DSCP ://), delivers single point publishing capability for business metrics, dashboards, interactive informational content, rich media, and much more. Originally developed for the digital signage industry, this fourth generation product, built on HTML5, delivers robust messaging capabilities right to your fingertips. With an array of software solutions, the centrally managed messages can instantly be seen on any device across your organization, and beyond.

Any Content. Any Device. Anywhere.

From a single console, DSCP provides the ability to quickly post urgent information to mobile phones, tablets, smart phones, SharePoint, desktops, kiosks, digital signs, intranet sites and telephones. Based on the selected Mass Notification profile, the content of the alert automatically gets sent via email, SMS text messaging and live phone call with text-to-speech conversion to all intended recipients.

X-Factor’s media software solutions have been successfully adopted by many high profile clients used in large medical centers, community hospitals, major public transportation venues, and campus wide at institutions of higher education. Our scalable, browser-based solutions are designed for non-technical users and can be acquired as a subscription or purchased license and delivered either as a software-as-a-service ("SaaS") or from your premise-based physical or virtual server.

Founded in 2005, X-Factor is headquartered in New Jersey with demonstration centers in New York and Boston. The company has a strong leadership team with a combined 50 plus years of experience in digital media, broadcast, advanced technology, enterprise IT management and advertising. X-Factor has strategic relationships with industry leaders including, Cisco, Samsung, Genband, Verizon, NEC and a number of network service providers and multimedia services resellers. The company provides a full suite of professional grade digital media services including digital media application development, live event production, content creation and program management.

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