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Working with partners who provide hardware and network infrastructure, X-Factor provides advanced interactive kiosk software enabling content creation, publishing, distribution and management.

We work across industries including healthcare, financial services, retail, education, transportation and more. Partners work with X-Factor to deliver unique remote kiosk management capabilities including publishing all media types (images, animations, videos, feeds and more) and supporting applications from way finding and couponing, to advertising and other audience engagement.

We work with our partners to ensure each client's goals for their customized interactive kiosk network is successful by ensuring that all the elements in the solution meet stringent guidelines - from the hardware and the kiosk interface and features to the appropriate network connectivity that will provide the maximum value possible.

X-Factor's interactive kiosk software developers and implementation engineers have come up with the most reliable and flexible software in the industry, taking advantage of the latest - not legacy - technologies.

This software allows remote monitoring of kiosks from a single location, multi-user privileges for hierarchal (local and national) publishing, targeted advertising and transparent kiosk management and collection of user information.

Select Features

  • Kiosk software and hardware monitoring and control
  • On-line statistic collection
  • Payment reports
  • Advertising management reports
  • Technical log reports and on-line protocol data
  • Time setting management
  • Advertisement management
  • Subscriber management

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