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Get your messages straight to your employee's desktops in real time, and in really compelling ways.

Similar to the way digital signage takes content that is generally found on a company's website and presents it to your audience , desktop signage takes content usually available on the intranet or digital signs and delivers it to your employee community in a way that is hard to miss. While employees typically have access to a wealth of internal corporate information, due to the demands on their time, they often do not take the time to look for information unless it is related to a topic that they are specifically interested in. This is especially true when it comes to compliance related topics, or policies in general, which is precisely the information that you want your employees to be most aware of.

Desktop signage enables company leaders to get the message out. With C4 v2.0, X-Factor's desktop signage products tightly integrate with corporate intranets via the optional clickable content feature. Whether in screensaver mode or seeing content within the desktop player, a user simply clicks "here" for more information on any particular subject or to view a live webcast. The possibilities are endless.

A snippet of a policy can be presented with a "click here for more information" link that takes the viewer to the full policy on the intranet. A system downtime notification can be posted with a link to downtime procedures. An internal customer service statistic can be displayed with a link to a satisfaction survey, or an employee event can be advertised with a link to full details of the event.

X-Factor's powerful desktop messaging product also integrates with dscp:// for a comprehensive emergency notification platform. Once emergency notifications are entered into dscp:// a single system, the message is sure to be seen throughout your employee community. Based on configuration, these messages will be displayed on digital signs, all desktops via the desktop play and screensaver, intranet sites, mobile phones and mobile devices, and targeted email - all while being monitored from a central operations center.

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