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Posted on May 7th, 2013

Company brings together digital broadcasting and interactive communications capabilities with enhanced delivery through HTML5, RCS and WebRTC.

X-Factor Communications, LLC (“X-Factor”), the wholly owned subsidiary of X-Factor Communications Holdings, Inc. (OTC: XFCH), a premium provider of, interactive digital media software and services over its dmcp:// Digital Media Control Platform, announced today that it has introduced advanced, interactive and real-time communications solutions for the healthcare industry.

X-Factor has been serving healthcare institutions, including hospital systems, medical universities and pharmaceutical providers, for several years. After extensive interaction with their customer base, and in development efforts with other technology and mobile device providers, the company is rolling out its Corporate Communication Control Center (C4) solution enabling customers to publish mass notifications and actionable digital media content to a wide range of devices and applications including smartphones, tablets, desktops, kiosks, digital signs, SharePoint and other intranet sites.

“Our C4 solution is powerful, interactive and easy to use. With a single click on a published message, a recipient can be directed to detailed information, launch a related video, reach a live person at a call center, and more,” says Jeffrey Singman, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer of X-Factor. “We’ve developed our healthcare solutions with input from our customers and in collaboration with several technology partners, ensuring that our solutions work on smart phones, tablets and desktops.”

One of X-Factor’s marquee customers, Inspira Health Network has participated in the development of the new solution. “Inspira Health Network has often been a leader introducing new technologies in order to better meet the needs of our Patients,” said Inspira Health Network CIO Tom Pacek. “Communication innovations, like those we have put in place with X-Factor’s interactive communications solutions, will continue to have a positive impact on the quality of our care and efficiency of our operations.”

X-Factor enables healthcare organizations to improve communication and operational efficiencies by providing staff with targeted messages and insights into key metrics transferring real-time intelligence into pervasive messages. X-Factor’s healthcare solutions suite is used to distribute:

  • Emergency Notifications to all devices and systems from a single console
  • Wayfinding Information and Emergency Department Wait Times
  • Application Training Tips & Tricks
  • Information on Hospital Events
  • Hand Hygiene and Patient Safety “best practices”
  • Joint Commission Readiness and Compliance Education
  • IS Security Awareness content

“We are very pleased to introduce these solutions to the healthcare community where there are pressing needs to communicate patient safety, workplace safety, wellness and security awareness,” said Charles Saracino, CEO of X-Factor. “As more providers merge into community-based healthcare systems, advanced clinical systems are deployed, and being compliant with Joint Commission standards is paramount, having a universal, intuitive, secure means of distributing information and interacting with staff and patients makes economic and business sense, while also improving operations.”

Earlier this year, X-Factor announced a new release of its proven DSCP:// Digital Screen Control Portal platform, which provides:

  • The support for HTML5, enabling content to be pushed to any device;
  • Clickable content and alerts, engaging the viewer in ways not previously possible turning what was one-way broadcasts into rich interactive experiences;
  •  i-Frame Objects and Channel Objects, allowing the customer to display dynamic web-based content in new and exciting ways; and
  • Mass Notification Connectors extending the reach of emergency notifications to email, text messaging and live phone calls using text-to-speech conversion technology.

The release is the most significant in the company’s history, as it incorporates HTML5 and RCS capabilities, making it possible for a wide array of devices to display actionable multimedia content in high-definition and without limitations based on operating systems.

About X-Factor

X-Factor builds easy-to-use, interactive digital media networks for its customers. Using our flagship application, Digital Screen Control Portal 4.0, the latest addition to the suite of products in the X-Factor Digital Media Control Platform (DMCP://), non-technical users have the capability to publish immersive interactive informational content, emergency notifications and advertising to internal and external audiences. The company’s comprehensive digital content publishing capabilities allow its customers to create and deliver “any content” quickly and easily on” any device” including digital signs, kiosks, desktops, tablets, SharePoint, intranet sites, telephones and mobile devices, “anywhere”.

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